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Tips for the Perfect Wedding

Getting married is almost everyone’s dream. I know a few people who would not even dare go there but, in general, we all like at least the function no matter how the whole thing turns out. Oh! Don’t worry; your marriage will turn out just lovely. Here are a few […]


Starting an Event Photography Business

The fact that it is getting harder and harder by the day to make a career out of photography is no secret. Event photography however is something that is booming while fashion and magazine photography seem to be the areas that are troubled the most. Things have changed now and […]

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3 Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Photography is not just a hobby but a passion for most people. As we all know there are professional photographers who have made a fortune out of their passion in photography. You need a good eye to become a good photographer. But your talent alone will not make you a […]

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3 Tips for Event Photography

Event photography is something that is different than the other kinds of photography. There are many challenges that are a part of this field. You might have to shoot a party that is happening at night, you might have to wade through crazed crowds at a music festival or some […]


How Much Does An Event Photographer Cost?

Photography is a serious profession and we all need a professional photographer at least once in our life. There are different types of photographers available and also, their charges and fees vary depending on different factors. For instance, if you want to cover a certain event you will have to […]