man taking photos of food close up

Starting an Event Photography Business

The fact that it is getting harder and harder by the day to make a career out of photography is no secret. Event photography however is something that is booming while fashion and magazine photography seem to be the areas that are troubled the most. Things have changed now and because social media and the internet have given ample access to anybody for pretty much anything, the standards are set quite high. There is no hard and fast rules that say that if you are to start an event photography business, you should do it like this or like that but these general rules of thumb ill help you start it the right way in a smart manner.

man taking photos of food close up

Focus On Your Genre

You need to be really good at something if you are to have a competitive edge. Some photographers are really good at documentary others at event photography some others at editorials. You need to pick your genre and then focus on it and learn as much as you can about it. The fact that you have a genre as your specialty will help you get more business as opposed to you being a mediocre jack of all trades. When you first start off, you will need to be making something out of your business so that you do not run out of business. Event photography is therefore a lucrative avenue to explore given that the event industry is certainly on the rise. Focusing on one thing will give you the capacity to really excel at it while trying to do a bit of everything will really get you nowhere.

Look At Your Competition and Your Colleagues

If you do not observe your colleagues and your competition, how will you learn? See how they take their images, what the techniques are that they use and how they work with their clients as well. All of these things can give you a great deal of information on how people have made their income get to a stable point in your field of work, you can not only learn from what they did right but also from what they did wrong and try to steer clear of those mistakes as much as possible.

Have Your Business Plan Ready

You need to have an official business plan. It is rather simple to make one though because there are enough and more sample templates available on Google if you want to try them out. You will see that as you grow in the industry and you begin to gain more experience, this plan will change little by little. It will help you in keeping your mission and vision clear and your goals realistic.

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