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3 Tips for Event Photography

Event photography is something that is different than the other kinds of photography. There are many challenges that are a part of this field. You might have to shoot a party that is happening at night, you might have to wade through crazed crowds at a music festival or some other kind of environment that is equally hard to navigate. So what makes a great picture from an alright one? Keep these tips in mind the next time you have been booked in for an event photography shoot.

Get the Correct Equipment

The lens in your camera is probably the most important piece of equipment that you need to take along with you for the shoot. If you have been trained well you will now the requirements of the aperture and the other criteria that has to be met if you are to be able to click a really good image. Most of the high quality equipment is quite high priced as well but this is your business and if you do not give it the best that you can it will not give you the best returns either. There is a lot of competition out there and you need to make your mark well. You will also need to invest in a camera that can perform really well even if the lights are dimmed. Something along an ISO 1600 – 12800 or even more would be really great.  Have a flash as well just in case you will need it.

Choose the Right Settings for Your Camera

RAW and JPEG are generally good ideas to go with because for the most part you will be in situations where the timing will be given the upper hand over the versatility of the photo. If you need to keep clicking as fast as possible these two will be the best for you in terms of settings. The lighting at events can also make things and people look like they are all multi coloured and shooting on RAW can help you balance out all this later onwards.

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Do Not Interrupt

The picture that you are clicking should never ever be about yourself. You have been called there to capture all of the fun moments but you really have to try and avoid interrupting everybody else’s fun filled moments because you need a good click. Try to be discreet go ninja mode if you have to and do your job well. Look for the right moments but do it in the correct etiquette and let your imagery do the speaking for themselves.

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