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Tips for the Perfect Wedding

Getting married is almost everyone’s dream. I know a few people who would not even dare go there but, in general, we all like at least the function no matter how the whole thing turns out. Oh! Don’t worry; your marriage will turn out just lovely. Here are a few tips for achieving perfection.

Plan early

If possible, do not rush the wedding. Fix a date which would give you ample time to get ready; both physically and mentally. Having to live with another person for the rest of our lives most probably away from the environment you are used to is not as easy as it seems. Of course, you may want to lose a few inches here and there or add some or you may want to have the perfect skin, etc.

Prepare the budget

When organizing any event, not just a wedding, you need to know how much you can afford to pay for it. You would not want to live on scraps for the rest of your life after having the wedding of a lifetime, do you? Have a rough estimate on how much you can spend on the dresses, the venue, photography and videography, etc.

Pick a photographer

Most people think about the photographers only after they have planned the whole wedding. However, in my opinion it would be much easier for you if the photographer is picked earlier as he can then assist with choosing the colour combinations which will look fabulous on photos. After all is done photographs are the best way of reliving that moment and you will be disappointed if everything in the photos do not look as they did on the actual day. You do not have to spend a fortune to get the best photos; you can opt for affordable wedding photography Melbourne.

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Book a venue

You would have had several places in your mind where you want to have your wedding ceremony. Select the best one out of them. When I say best I do not mean cheapest. Make sure it fits your budget, that they offer a wide range of food and beverage menus, the staff is helpful, whether they can accommodate the decorations you have in mind, etc.

Also do not forget to check how the chosen place would appear on the photographs. Melbourne wedding photographers would generally be able to help you out on deciding whether or not the venue matches the theme of your wedding and how it would look on the photos at the end of the day.

Select a musician

Now, you do not want the guests to be bored during your wedding do you? So do not forget to set up a dance floor. You can either have a DJ or a live band according to your taste and to match with the theme.

Send out invitations

Prepare the list of people you want to attend your wedding and send out invitations with ample time for them to get ready and, of course buy a nice present for you!

The day of the wedding is one of the most wonderful days in one’s life and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest if every little thing is pre planned and arranged.

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